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The Everyday space community is a collective of online and offline platforms that share stories and experiences about the public spaces of urban India. It connects our viewers/members with other platforms which have discussions and debates on topics related to public spaces or to everyday life in the public realm. 

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Everyday City Lab

The Everyday City Lab is an urban design & research collaborative based in Bangalore which focuses on people-centric urban design and planning.

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Narratives in Architecture

'It is in narrative that the search for coherence first finds its articulation' - P. Ricour

'Chronicles' of a design studio FA, CEPT University

Bangalore Walks

Stories about people, places and the experience of urbanisation 


Mumbai Paused

Everyday Images from the streets of Mumbai. 

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Catcher of Ray

Collector of stories and artefacts. Musings from everyday life

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We would be happy to feature your Instagram account on this portal. If your work relates to the content of the Decoding Everyday portal and talks about streets and public spaces in urban India, do join this network! Please send us an email at decodingeveryday@gmail.com and we would be able to guide you through this. You can also send us your Instagram handle via email to the above email address.

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Please feel free to share your thoughts about how we can further develop this as a platform for discussing public spaces in our cities. If you know of someone who would be interested in joining us in this work, do connect with us at: decodingeveryday@gmail.com

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