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Ecology and Public Spaces
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Mariam Fatima
Aug 19, 2022
Transformations of any place or neighbourhood always impact its ecology. Once nothing but an empty DDA land growing tall wild grass up to the river is now under the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) for constructing a Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The land has a few Keekar trees, which reside many birds like the greater coucal, crows, sparrows, mynas, and occasionally owls and migratory birds during the winter. The ground also provides a home for squirrels, small snakes, mongooses and other critters. Since 2022, the DJB has acquired the land to construct WTP to supply water to the neighbourhood. The onset of clearing the land and the start of construction work led to a decline in the spotting of these creatures. It is almost as if they have either left or died as their homes were destroyed. Many Keekar trees and their branches have also been broken due to the aggressive movement of the excavators. These pictures display a difference of one year, and there are still many changes to occur. The establishment and commencement of the WTP will change the neighbourhood's ecology even more. They are discharging various types of pollutants, perhaps making it a toxic environment for these birds and animals and the neighbourhood's residents. The only hope is that the neighbourhood might start receiving a proper water supply, their fundamental right, but at what cost? Location: Dhobi Ghat, Jamia Nagar-Okhla, New Delhi. August 2021. Location: Dhobi Ghat, Jamia Nagar-Okhla, New Delhi. August 2022.
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