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DECODING EVERYDAY is a platform for sharing experiences and stories about streets and public spaces in India. We believe that it is possible to build knowledge through our collective efforts in order to know our cities better. If we understand how the everyday life of the city works, we will be able to plan the city better. If you would like to contribute to this effort, do join us!

We invite each one of you to share stories from your neighbourhood so that we may collectively work towards people-centric cities. In this sharing and collective sense-making, there can be new learning for all of us. How to contribute? You can use one of the ten options below to contribute easily.



do we want to do ?

To understand how people move, how people behave and how people act in streets and public spaces of the Indian city.


should we do this ?

We believe that decoding the everyday routines of people in the public realm can help us work towards people-centric cities.


do we do this ?

One way to do this is to initiate an exchange of ideas, thoughts and strategies amongst citizens about streets and public spaces in their own neighbourhoods.

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