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Markets as Public Spaces

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In this competition, we invited entries that observed, recorded and analysed the simple selling spaces in India that people frequent for their day-to-day needs. One realises that the spontaneity of the bazaar environment, its response to the changing seasons or festivals and its ability to exude charm amidst the chaos is fascinating and yet it throws up so many questions in our minds. 


The entries explored these questions: How do we make our street bazaars and open marketplaces hygienic environments? Should we put our minds to understanding ‘garbage as a system’ so that we know where to intervene and how? What is the nature of interdependencies between the different stakeholders in these markets? What are the livelihoods that are supported through these spaces for buying and selling? What are the patterns of movement, patterns of social behaviour, patterns of business relationships, of space-making, of communication and patterns of adaptation embedded here? How are boundaries negotiated either spatially or socially? How did malls become a part of the Indian shopping environment and our places for social interaction? Do the malls have something that our bazaars do not have? What shopping behaviour is cultural and what is not? Perhaps, the challenge is to resurrect what is Indian through understanding the informal structures and everyday experiences that make our shopping environments.

Prize: The two best entries under this theme received a BOOK gift voucher of Rs.1500

Each entry received a participation certificate and a few selected entries have been shared here on the Decoding Everyday portal.

Markets as Public Spaces Competition @ Decoding Everyday

A conversation with two young people about their thoughts on how markets work as public spaces and their insights on their prize-winning contribution to the competition on 'Markets as Public Spaces' at the citizen science portal - DECODING EVERYDAY, a project initiated by Everyday City Lab.

We received 23 citizen contributions for this competition. We would like to thank all the participants. THANK YOU Amaan Fatima Khan, Aryan Patil, Asees Prab, Atharva Thorat, Bhuvana V, Charmi Shah, Dhavalkumar Patel, Drushti Mali, Hanisha Shetty, Janhvi Multani, Kiran Jangid, Krutika Patil, Nayansi Sinha, Nupoor Pawge, Nupur Vikas Dhake, Omkar Prakash Yadav, Parminder Kaur, Prabhanjan Prabhu, Prateek Dhasmana, Prerna Rajanala, Ria Kapoor, Soham Nikam, Tanvi Avinash Gavhankar, Vijay Kumar T and Yuktha M.

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