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Everyday MUMBAI

Mumbai is known as the cultural hub of India. Listen to the residents of the city talk about how the street edges are busy and known for their markets, how they transform during the celebrations like Holi & Ganesh Chaturthi, the multi-sensory experience of different streets and the ad hoc/jugaad techniques that one encounters daily.

Share your story about Mumbai!

Why do people so enjoy the streets of Mumbai as a public space? Share your observations of a vendor on the street corner setting up their stall early in the morning to sell poha to the people commuting to their jobs. Or the story of the renowned dabbawalas carrying tiffins and navigating their way through the crowded city spaces. What are your experiences of your neighbourhood's market or in markets like Crawford Market, Fashion Street in Linking Road, etc., that are famous in the city? How does the character of streets and public spaces change as you move from an old, colonial neighbourhood to a newer development? How do the small public spaces in your neighbourhood or large public spaces like Marine Drive transform throughout the day? Share YOUR stories & thoughts with us!

You can contribute your stories and observations in the form of a reflective piece of writing, an interview with a resident of a neighbourhood level, a photo essay (with a storyline and captions for each image), a video, a sketch, or a personal geography map.

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