Data Bulletins

We have been collating the citizen inputs on the Decoding Everyday portal. The early findings are now shared as DATA BULLETINS. These are responses received in the various sections of the portal. Do check them out!!

October 2021

09_City Remembered_Women and public spaces_High res_01.jpg

September 2021

07_The Ashwath katte survey_High Res_01.jpg
08_City Remembered_Senior citizens_High res_01.jpg

August 2021

05_AugBulletin_High Res.jpg
06_AugBulletin_High Res_1.jpg

July  2021

03_JulyBulletin_High Res.jpg
04_JulyBulletin_High Res.jpg

June  2021

01_JuneBulletin_High Res.jpg

Thanks to all who contributed!