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The city of Panjim offers a spectrum of public spaces, from street edges offering views of farmlands to public spaces like beaches that people go to for a stroll. Listen to the residents of the city talk about the soundscapes of their neighbourhoods, visit Churches daily, and their experience of going for a stroll in their neighbourhood garden and watch the children play.

Mother of Rohini (74 yrs), a resident of Panjim, Goa, finds calmness at the church. She is ever delighted to hear the chirping of young children at her neighborhood garden where she likes to go for a stroll. Her delight is evident in the way she giggles while talking about them.

A homemaker and a businesswoman from Panjim, Sheetal explains why walking at the local beach is her most enjoyable experience. She is appreciative of the walking experience that the city gives her, in general as well as the fact that it functions at a comfortable pace.

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