DECODING EVERYDAY contributions being sought from the streets in AHMEDABAD. We have been putting up posters with QR codes to the citizen science portal on streets and public spaces!

Witness the everyday life of Ahmedabad as told by its residents, explore the food hotspots ranging from the large scale Municipal Market to local tea stalls in neighbourhoods. Hear the experiences of the residents' walk to the nearby temple like the Sola Bhagwat Temple or public spaces like ONGC ground. See how the market spaces like Bhadra Plaza and Manek Chowk transform throughout the day to accommodate different users and experience the everyday Ahmedabad.

A homemaker from Ahmedabad, Gita likes to walk around her society to get a breath of fresh air when her day’s work is done. She is particularly fond of the Sola Bhagwat temple from where she derives the much needed peace.

Sunita is a homemaker residing in Ahmedabad. She likes to walk in her neighbourhood parks and draws a comparison between two of them, at ONGC and the Railway ground. Her occasional visits with her husband, to the Narmada canal on the city outskirts are special for her. She finds that the surrounding greenery and the water body give her a lot of joy. 

Share your story about Ahmedabad!

Why do people so enjoy ‘street as public space’? Your observations at the local chai vendor or panipuri vendor around the corner. How do the streets of the old city differ from the newer developments? What are the famous markets of your neighbourhood or the city? How do the streets and public spaces transform during festivals like Uttarayan, Eid, or Navratri and so on? Share YOUR stories & thoughts with us! 

You can contribute your stories and observations in the form of a reflective piece of writing, an interview with a resident of a neighbourhood level, a photo essay (with a storyline and captions for each image), a video, a sketch, or a personal geography map.

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