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Ecology and Public Spaces

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The everyday life of the streets comprises many other ecological elements such as vegetation, animals, birds and insects on which the humans are dependent and affected by their movement. The perception of the ecological elements vary depending upon the context and hence the activities around them vary accordingly. The aim of this competition was to capture these different perceptions and contexts.


Some of the questions that were explored: Could you share visual evidence of ecological practices in your neighbourhood? How are insects, birds, animals and vegetation being protected because of what we do? What human behaviours seem to support trees, birds and insects in public spaces?


The contributions conveyed the ongoing relation between the ecological elements and the streets and public spaces, few suggested interventions as a way for us to experience this relationship differently in the future.

Prize: The two best entries under this theme received a BOOK gift voucher of Rs.1500

Each entry received a participation certificate and a few selected entries have been shared here on the Decoding Everyday portal.

Ecology and Public Spaces Competition @ Decoding Everyday

A conversation with two young people about their thoughts on how ecology is a part of our cities and their insights on their prize-winning contributions to the competition on 'Ecology and Public Spaces' at the citizen science portal - DECODING EVERYDAY, a project initiated by Everyday City Lab.

Featured Entries

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We received 19 citizen contributions for this competition. We would like to thank all the participants. THANK YOU Aman Trehan, Anshita Saxena, Ashish Makanadar, Bhumi Thakkar, Divyas Sri R, Kajol Kumari, Manav Budhani, Mariam Fatima, Mukta Latkar-Talwarkar, Rishabh Chaudhary, Rohith A, Sahana Ravi, Sahana Shetty, Savani Burgute, Shrey Asati, Sony Srinivas, Sujan Suriya R, Sushma Rani and Yash Mewada.

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