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Pandemic and Public Spaces

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This section captures the impact of the pandemic on our streets and public spaces. It has led to behavioural changes in these spaces which in turn have led to some physical changes. We do know that the pandemic has affected the culture of our streets because our perceptions of publicness have been altered. Few public spaces have restricted access or reduced interactions. We share here a few stories from stakeholders across different neighbourhoods and hope that you will add YOUR STORY! What were your experiences during the pandemic - of going to the street bazaar, the tender coconut seller, the newspaper stand, the supermarket or to the neighbouring street to visit a friend or a family member? How had the familiar spaces of your neighbourhood transformed? What spaces had changed, what had remained the same?

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Share your story!

You can contribute your stories and observations about the impact of the pandemic on streets and public spaces and reflect upon the future of these spaces. You can share your reflections in the form of a reflective piece of writing, an interview with a stakeholder at the neighbourhood level, a photo essay (with a storyline and captions for each image), a video, a sketch, or a personal geography map.

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