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The City Remembered

In this section, we hope to dialogue with people from different backgrounds about their thoughts on public spaces – their memories of a neighbourhood space from their childhood, their own usage and experiences of a park, a marketplace, a maidan and so on as well as any ideas they may have on places for social interaction in the public realm.

If you’d like to be interviewed or if you have a new topic for conducting oral histories, reach out to us via mail.

In the first part of this Oral history series, we share conversations with grandparents who were kind enough to agree to talk to us. We asked them about the public places they go to, how they reach there, and how public life has changed over the years. We invite you to listen to their stories! 

Ask your Grandparents.png

In this series, women from different cities across India share their perceptions of public space; the factors that determine their varying levels of comfort; spaces they prefer to frequent with their friends/family and those they sometimes visit on their own. They also talk about how public spaces in our cities can be made safer for women.

Women and Public Spaces.png

We found that children are capable of surprising us with their observations. They do not necessarily adhere to the rules or labels that the adult mindset is familiar with. They provide us with fresh perspectives. In this series, we interview children in the age group of 9 to 15 years.

Children and Public Spaces.png

The interviews conducted under this segment focus on grasping on how the streets and public spaces have changed due to the pandemic. We talked to people residing in different housing typologies across neighbourhoods in Ahmedabad as well as stakeholders like vendors who experienced the first-hand impact of pandemic on the streets.

Pandemic and Public Spaces.png
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