Children and Public Spaces

We found that children are capable of surprising us with their observations. They do not necessarily adhere to the rules or labels that the adult mindset is familiar with. They provide us with fresh perspectives. In this series, we interview children in the age group of 9 to 15 years.

Young Rahul is a resident of Panaji, Goa. He tells us why he prefers to visit his friend’s colony over the play space that is available to him at his own colony, along with sharing some observations he has made during his playtime. Throughout the interview he had been frank about his thoughts as well as excited about the fact that he was going to be interviewed.

Interviewee: Rahul S (13)

Interviewer: Vidisha Sahay

This is a conversation between two close friends who reside in a gated colony in Panaji, Goa. They start by guessing the other’s ‘go to’ play space, followed by them breaking down the play group dynamics at their colony. Ending with a note on the kind of places their parents had for play. Guessing the other’s preference was a great ice-breaker in this interview, also encouraging equal level of engagement, given that these two girls have very different personalities (one is laid-back while the other is articulate).

Interviewees: Yashvi B (12) and Swathi J (12)

Interviewer: Vidisha Sahay

Here we have a group of cousins from the city of Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. They are ever enthusiastic about playing outside of their home but their neighbourhood does not have any dedicated public space for play but what they cherish are the empty plots in between the buildings that act as playgrounds for them, the pros and cons as well as an alternative is what they discuss in detail. They also tell us about their parents’ playtime experience.

Interviewees: Anu (14), Aditya (14) and Abhishek (10)

Interviewer: Vidisha Sahay

Young Chandni resides in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Interestingly, she has put down for us a great deal of analysis of the places she likes and least likes which might strike a cord with a person who is fond of nature, walking and playing, just as she is. The spaces she has brought up are an open plot in her colony, the canal, a garden at the nearby colony and a public garden (AUDA garden).

Interviewees: Chandni (14)

Interviewer: Vidisha Sahay

Young Isha resides in Pune, Maharashtra. Her way of putting across her playtime experience can easily let you stand in her shoes in how much she cherishes her 2 hours of playtime, in and around the colony. Adding to this, she also mentions something which will probably resonate with those who were once or still are mischievous!

Interviewee: Isha B (13)

Interviewer: Vidisha Sahay

If you like, please do add here stories from talking to children and their thoughts on public spaces! We think there is so much to learn from them about public spaces from the lens of children.

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