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DECODING EVERYDAY contributions being sought from the streets in JAMSHEDPUR. We put up posters in a few cities with QR codes to the citizen science portal on streets and public spaces!

The city of Jamshedpur offers stories of small gathering spaces, vendors defining the publicness of Kadma, places with collective memories like Sonari, how the elderly have seen their neighbourhood transform over the past few decades, places where you can try delicious foods and many such interesting cases. Scroll down to witness and hear the interesting neighbourhood stories as told by its residents.

Nanaji of Shaurya (69 yrs), a resident of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, is an enthusiastic walker. He shares interesting details about the neighbourhood he lives in and the places he walks to.

A software developer by profession, Rushi describes her select choices of public spaces in Jamshedpur. She talks about why she does not like visiting parks and raises issues regarding public transportation in the city. On account of having a hearing impairment herself, she presents to us a unique perspective.

A teacher by profession and a long-time resident of Jamshedpur, Sapna is always excited to visit new places that offer different kinds of food. She shares with us her experiences of a street food lane where most people in their neighbourhood stop by on their way to the city market. She talks about the needs and concerns of both visitors and vendors.

Share your story about Jamshedpur!

Why do people so enjoy ‘street as public space’? Your observations of a vendor on the street corner of your neighbourhood, how the street in your locality transforms throughout the day, and the places where people gather during the day to socialize. Where do you go for a stroll? How has your neighbourhood transformed over the years? What is your experience of visiting the famous markets in the city? What are the famous food spots in the city? Which parks and gardens have the highest footfall? Share YOUR stories & thoughts with us! 

You can contribute your stories and observations in the form of a reflective piece of writing, an interview with a resident of a neighbourhood level, a photo essay (with a storyline and captions for each image), a video, a sketch, or a personal geography map.

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