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While this city is known for being the IT Hub of India, those who have lived here know this city for many other things. Ashwath Kattes as neighbourhood public spaces, street markets ranging from MG Road to Russell Market to the yearly peanut fair, different activities happening in the grand Cubbon Park and Lal Bagh, walks conducted in multiple neighbourhoods and many more such things define the city. Scroll down to engage with the story of Everyday Bangalore.

The Peepul tree, also known as Ashvattha in Sanskrit Literature, as well as Bo or Bodhi tree in Buddhists contexts, is a type of a Fig tree (Ficus Religiosa) and the platform around it the katte.

Share your story about Bangalore!

Why do people so enjoy ‘street as public space’? Share your observations of an ashwath katte in your neighbourhood, how the spaces under the metro stations and corridors are utilized, and the different activities in Cubbon park ranging from beatboxing group meet-ups to picnics to book reading clubs. Share your observations about a street corner vendor or experience of a market that you frequent. How does the character of neighbourhoods transform as you walk through them or take a bus route? Which food market do you frequent? How does your neighbourhood park or garden transform throughout the day? How do the streets and public spaces change during festivals like peanut fair, Eid and so on? Share YOUR stories & thoughts with us!

You can contribute your stories and observations in the form of a reflective piece of writing, an interview with a resident of a neighbourhood level, a photo essay (with a storyline and captions for each image), a video, a sketch, or a personal geography map.

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