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Active Street Edges

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While in most parts of the world, the street is a CONNECTOR for people and cars to move, in India, the street is also a CONTAINER that holds our everyday practices such as our social, cultural, religious, economic and political practices. Typically, the central parts of streets become the mobility networks and the street edges become the places to gather for informal conversations, to drink that cup of chai, to make a pani-puri stop, to pause at the newspaper stand or to pick up vegetables on one’s way home. It is these ACTIVE STREET EDGES and the many, many stories within them that this competition hopes to bring together. 


Some of the STORIES covered why the pausing, the gathering and the exchange happened at a particular place, in a particular way and at a particular time; how they gave their neighbourhoods the identity it has had; why they thought an activity or a multitude of activities should continue or not; how the authorities might plan streets in the future to ensure decongestion and yet give them a way to remain as lively and vibrant as Indian streets have always been.

Prize: The two best entries under this theme received a BOOK gift voucher of Rs.1500

Each entry received a participation certificate and a few selected entries have been shared here on the Decoding Everyday portal.

Featured Entries

2. Streets as lived and embodied by everyday people_Sindhu S.jpg
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Cover_ Busy Street Edges_Sanjali.png
Cover_Busy Streets_Sanika.png
16. Active Street Edge_Prerna.jpeg
10. Elevation 1_Srushti Kottai.jpg
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1. Food Alley.jpg
7. Street Food is love....jpg
15.2 Activity mapping_Manav Budhani.jpg

We received 17 citizen contributions for this competition. We would like to thank all the participants. THANK YOU Akshata Kharkar, Anagha Suresh, Asees Prab, Balaji Kalluri, ECOUR Studios, Manav Budhani, Neha Rajesh Vishe, Nupur Vikas Dhake, Parminder Kaur, Prateek Dhasmana, Prerna Rajanala, Sahana R, Sanjali S Lalage, Sanika Biniwale, Shailey Meshram, Shrinidhi Palamwar, Sindhu S, Sneha Iyer and Srushti Kottai.

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