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Ecology and Public Spaces

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The everyday life of the streets comprises many other ecological elements such as vegetation, animals, birds and insects on which humans are dependent and affected by their movement. The perception of the ecological elements varies depending upon the context; hence, the activities around them vary accordingly. These contributions convey the ongoing relationship between the ecological elements and the streets and public spaces, few suggested interventions as a way for us to experience this relationship differently in the future.

We had conducted a competition on this theme in February 2022. You can view the featured entries here:

The Peepul tree, also known as Ashvattha in Sanskrit Literature, as well as Bo or Bodhi tree in Buddhists contexts, is a type of a Fig tree (Ficus Religiosa) and the platform around it the katte.

Mariam’s dada (87) is a retired professor who loves to read and write. He is also a religious person. He shares the fifty years of transformation in the neighbourhood of Jamia Nagar-Okhla that occurred in front of his eyes.

Chhote Nanaji of Vidisha (65 yrs) is a resident of Ranchi, Jharkhand. His source of enjoyment, when out for a walk, are the children playing in the colony garden space, whose activities he has keenly observed. He also goes down memory lane to talk of maidaan-s that were such a common occurrence in the city when he was younger.

Nani of Vidisha (71 yrs), a resident of Ranchi, Jharkhand, narrates her fondness for the local temples, trees and flowers as well as the children that she longs to see in the public space of her choice.