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Bisilu Mariamma Temple Katte

05_Binny Railway Gate

Binny Railway Gate Katte

09_Shri Kashiyappa katte.png

Shri Kashiyappa Katte

13_Sri Sowmya Ganapathy Ttemple

Sri Sowmya Ganapathy Temple Katte

17_Kempegowda Circle Katte.png

Kempegowda Circle Katte

Kuri Maidan Katte.jpg

Kuri Maidan Katte

06_Meenakshi Temple katte.jpg

Meenakshi Temple Katte

10_Netkallappa Circle katte.jpg

Netkallappa Circle Katte

14_Subramanya Temple Katte.jpg

Subramanya Temple Katte

18_Siddappa Mess Katte.jpg

Siddappa Mess Katte

03_Uma Theatre katte.png

Uma Theatre Katte

07_Subramanya Swamy Temple katte - Copy.

Subramanya Swamy Temple Katte

11_Subbaiah Circle katte.JPG

Subbaiah Circle Katte

15_Muneshwara Temple katte.jpg

Muneshwara Temple Katte

19_ Vinayak Temple Katte.jpg

Vinayak Temple Katte

04_Hanuman Temple katte_Gottigere.JPG

Hanuman Temple Katte, Gottigere

08_Hanuman Mantapa katte_visvesarapuram.

Hanuman Mantappa Katte

12_Gottigere bus stand katte.JPG

Gottigere bus stand Katte

16_Sarvamurthy Temple Katte.jpg

Sarvamurthy Temple Katte

20_Cubbon Park Katte.jpg

Cubbon Park Katte

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