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Life in the Streets


In this section, our contributors share photographs from their neighbourhoods with short descriptions.


The key question we ask is: How can we bring about small changes in our perception and that of others through documenting ‘how people use street space’?


The street performs different functions through the day. It is sometimes a marketplace, sometimes a road and often a site for cultural festivals or religious processions. In the context of the Indian city, we need to understand if the multiple usage pattern in our streets is an outcome of dearth of designated public spaces or is it a reflection of the many layered Indian way of life?

Featured Entries

What Can I Contribute

Share images of your streets with a description that captures the everyday activities (like social, cultural religious, economic etc) that the street might be famous for, the different user groups (children, teenagers, elderly, women, men, vendors, passerby’s etc), any interesting occasional activities (like a festival, celebration etc) that happen in this public space, landmarks in the neighbourhood, memories associated with the space (individual and collective memories) and so on.

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